Fresh ingredients and rich spices created a unique eating style - Barbecue, which Chinese people feel fascinated by. In making BBQ, lamb seems one of the important roles in material selection. Selecting the finest lamb with high quality and well distributed red color, removing the fat and skin of the lamb. Cutting the lamb into small pieces and string it together with a stick to make skewers.

Meet the Process

Fire cooking is the most direct and most primitive gastronomy. It could be helpful for the human body in digesting and absorbing nutrients to heat the food with fire until it is well done by the temperature.




The status of spices shows self evidently. Cumin in China is only produced in Xinjiang and Gansu Corridor, and the essence if using chili is holding tightly in the hands of Sichuan people. Sichuan Seven peppers is heavy in capsaicin and sweet in aftertaste.




Charcoal is the fire source in grilling. Best quality fruit charcoal is featured in selecting, then break them into small pieces. Fruit charcoal stands for the general material selection with an advantage of resistance to burn, little smoke and high temperature.



Heat Control

Heat control is always an important secret in Chinese kitchen and has a very subtle knowledge while barbecue is no exception. There is no thermometer in Chinese kitchens and everything done depends on the chef's feelings and experience.